Fitness room with outdoor area

Get your pulse racing with rowing, the treadmill, or the cross trainer, or supply your muscles with oxygen with targeted weight training - everything is possible in the spacious indoor and outdoor fitness room. Here, you can exercise undisturbed 24 hours a day.
For your fitness and overall well-being, our suites are equipped with climbing walls and a Kenko Set. Additionally, you have the opportunity to participate in our wellness and fitness training sessions with our personal trainer.

Fitness room


  • cross trainer
  • functional trainer
  • treadmill
  • rowing machine
  • ergonomic bike
  • rings
  • wall bars
  • leg curl machine
  • Smith machine
  • leg extension machine
  • guided barbell station
  • various dumbbells, etc.
Fitnessraum, MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel
Yoga und Fitness in den Suiten von MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel

True places of power

Fitness in the room

Do you remember the wall bars in gym class? Can you imagine how much can be done with those! How a variety of different muscles can be activated in a traditional way! Of course if you want, you can just hang out and relax. In your suite, you will find wall bars made of walnut and a Kenko set made of walnut. Our Kenko set includes an Expander Double and a pair of 1 kg and 2 kg dumbbells.


In the flow

"Studio" - movement room

Yoga im Studio, Green Spa Hotel MalisGartenStudio und Seminarraum im Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten

Whether fascia training, yoga, pilates, or classic exercises, you can experience a completely new body feeling in this studio flooded with natural light. Wall bars made of walnut, TRX bands, exercise balls, gym mats, yoga straps, and yoga blocks are available.  

Wellness & fitness training

in MalisGarten

MalisGarten offers holistic wellness and fitness training. Our personal training is individually tailored to your needs. We promote the flexibility and regeneration of your connective tissue with targeted fascia training. Neuroathletic training improves your physical performance through neurological approaches. Experience a transformative fitness experience in a relaxed environment that harmonizes body and mind.

Individual fitness with a trainer

Personal training

For an active time! Physical and mental balance are important for quality of life in order to cope with everyday challenges. A 1:1 workout that can be flexibly and individually adapted. Whether outdoors or indoors, on fitness equipment or with your own body weight. Detailed, personal coaching sessions ensure that the training is completely tailored to your personal fitness goals.

60 min | 80

Individual fitness with a trainer

Fascia training

Improve your performance with regenerative fascia training. Fascia training makes the tissue more supple and loosens the muscles. The aim is to prevent injuries, relieve tension and alleviate pain. Our coach will train you 1:1 using movement therapy.

60 min | 80

We also explicitly offer an interesting package deal for this. Please ask us for more information!

Health and fitness in the ZillerSeasons

Fascia training

Individual fitness with a trainer

Neuroathletic training

The aim of neuroathletic training is to train the brain to shed certain protective mechanisms that restrict movement. The sense of balance is improved, injuries are prevented and an increase in performance is achieved. Very valuable for people whose goal is to return to everyday life in a more efficient and coordinated way. Learn important exercises from our coach 1:1, which you can continue at home for 6 - 8 weeks.

60 min | 80

Health and fitness in the ZillerSeasons

Neuroathletic training ZillerSeasons x Werder Bremen

Burn off energy & take a deep breath

Outdoor exercise opportunities

The wonderful Ziller Promenade directly behind MalisGarten offers optimal conditions for jogging or walking along the river in magnificent nature. We also recommend active walking tours with breathing exercises, mindfulness training, bike tours, or e-biking. Our personal trainer will be happy to give you tips for your workout. In the summer months, our certified mountain guide will show you personal "hiking hot spots", unique natural spectacles, and special viewing points in the Zillertal!

Laufen, Spazieren auf der Zillerpromenade, MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel

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