MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel

Renew mind and body

Living & feeling

Snug and secure in natural wood

Wood is the most original building material that is rightly being once again rediscovered today. The appealing texture and grain and the comforting, cozy aroma create spaces that appeal to the senses. That's why MalisGarten is built of wood. It has a sound-absorbing and heat-insulating effect and excellently regulates room humidity. A well-balanced indoor climate is just one healthy result. 

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Deeply connected

Holistic enjoyment involves people in all their complexity. We nurture the different needs of each individual, provide a closeness to nature, and make efficient use of resources. 

For this, strong ideas and profound knowledge are needed. MalisGarten knows how delicately and subtly mind, body, and taste buds are interconnected and knows how to make this interaction an experience for the senses. 

Body Mind Taste buds

Apples & herbs


There was once an orchard here that always inspired its visitors. The vibrant colors, enticing aromas, and fantastic blossoms revived spirits and awoke creative minds. The Binder-Egger family is once again making this welcoming, harmonious, and inspiring garden accessible: apple trees and herb beds, cherry trees and rose bushes, and soothing plants. 

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