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Massages & treatments

You are probably familiar with the expression that someone is "in good hands". This means that someone is taken care of and does not have to worry. This is exactly the case in the Herbarium Spa: enjoy our classic beauty treatments, exceptional applications such as the herbal stamp massage, ion detox foot bath, and eyelash lift, as well as the general tranquility and pleasant atmosphere. You can find what we have to offer in the spa menu. We guarantee that you will feel great! 

Anyone who knows it, loves it

Ion detox foot bath

The ion detox foot bath gently stimulates a variety of basic functions in the body:

  • Reduces hyperacidity 
  • Eliminates / neutralizes toxins and free radicals  
  • Detoxifies / removes build-up of fluid in the body
  • Strengthens organ activity 
  • Strengthens metabolism and performance ability
  • Improves sleep and mood

Ideal for people of all ages, even children. 

40 min | 72

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Our highlight

Eyelash lift

Our effective lash lift creates lengthened and thickened lashes. Proteins, vitamins, and keratin revitalize the eyelash structure. The application of lip and eye care products based on pure natural cosmetics provides harmonizing, soothing relaxation. 

  • Eyelash lift incl. eyelash lamination and coloring
  • Lip and eye care
  • Short hand or foot massage

Can also be booked in addition to any treatment. 

60 min | 79

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A special kind of massage

Herbal stamp massage

A bundle of energy that gets under your skin. A special massage technique with pressure and tapping using warm herbal stamps loosens the muscles. The natural active ingredients of the herbal stamps give you new energy. The metabolism is stimulated, and fascial adhesions are gently loosened. Physical recovery can be directly felt. 

50 min | 104
80 min | 162


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More relaxing


Treat yourself to something special: when it comes to cosmetics, we will pamper you at a master level, and our massages are perfectly tailored to your mind and body. Create your own feel-good program with applications, treatments, rest in the relaxation rooms or in the magnificent garden, and refreshing laps in the pool: this is a wellness vacation at its finest in a spa with 7850 m2.


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Massages and treatments

Opening times & reservations

Massages and cosmetics by individual appointment.  

We will be happy to take your reservation at
+43 5282 2236 2010 | or at the reception desk.


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