Yoga, Pilates and relaxation training

Experience the soothing depth of relaxation and invigorating exercises in a luxurious environment for your holistic well-being. Enjoy excellent yoga, Pilates, and relaxation classes for your fitness and well-being. Immerse yourself in pure relaxation and vitality.

In the flow

"Studio" - movement room

Yoga im Studio, Green Spa Hotel MalisGartenStudio und Seminarraum im Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten

Whether fascia training, yoga, pilates, or classic exercises, you can experience a completely new body feeling in this studio flooded with natural light. Wall bars made of walnut, TRX bands, exercise balls, gym mats, yoga straps, and yoga blocks are available.  

Get moving

Yoga in the Green Spa Hotel

The greatest revelation is tranquility. And we have a lot of that. Our weekly program includes various yoga classes, which take place in our fragrant exercise room made from sustainable wood. Yoga mats are available in the suite which you can use to welcome the day or practice the exercises you learned. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Zillertal, you will discover a new source of energy and take something very valuable home with you: inner peace.

Studio und Seminarraum im Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten

Keep moving

Pilates at the Green Spa Hotel

Pilates is a gentle yet effective training method that focuses on strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Targeted exercises strengthen core muscles and improve posture, leading to long-term health benefits. We offer various Pilates packages or you can enjoy our Pilates program as per the weekly schedule.

Barbara Becker in MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel, Trainingspause am Balkon

Relaxation at a high level

Relaxation training at the Green Spa Hotel

Through targeted exercises, physical and mental tensions can be reduced, promoting overall well-being and helping you find your inner balance. Stress reduction is supported by stretching and light strength exercises. Experience soothing relaxation with our trainers at MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel.

Our special packages

Yoga, Pilates and sauna week