Let yourself be inspired

Excursions in the Zillertal

Discover a selection of art and cultural institutions in our region. Experience the traditional customs of the Zillertal: cheese, bacon, or schnapps production - see the masters of these old forms of craftsmanship at work. Let yourself be inspired and amazed by the cultural heritage of the Zillertal.

Fügen, ca. 14 km from MalisGarten

KraftWerk as a cultural space

Strange at first glance, ingenious after taking a second look: a gallery that features a changing cultural program is housed in the most modern and most efficient biomass heating and power station. Concerts, readings, and other exciting events bring culture to life in the Feuerwerk - and the ambiance is truly one-of-a-kind.

FeuerWerk © Binderholz

art, culture, tradition

Excursions in and around Zell am Ziller

Sights in the surroundings

Excursions in the Zillertal

Leisure Park Zell
(in Zell am Ziller, ca. 800 m ) → more

Aktiv-Zentrum Zillertal
(in Zell am Ziller, ca. 800 m) → more

Zillertal Arena
(in Zell am Ziller, ca. 1.3 km) → more

Aufenfeld adventure park
(in Aschau, ca. 4.4 km) → more

Stiegenhaushof distillery
(in Schwendau, ca. 5.3 km ) → more

Gerlosstein, Blick ins Tal, Wandern im Zillertal

Zillertaler Höhenstraße
(beginning ont he Zellberg, ca. 6 km) → more

ErlebnisSennerei Mayrhofen
(in Mayrhofen, 7.3 km away) → more

Kaltenbach nature high ropes course
(in Kaltenbach, ca. 9.5 km) → more

Erlebnistherme Fügen
(in Fügen, ca. 14.3 km) → more

Cheese dairy with museum
(in Fügen, ca. 14.5 km) → more


Wandern im Zillertal, Wanderguide, ZillerSeasons

Zillertal Museum of Local History
(in Fügen, ca. 15.2 km) → more

Nature's Ice Palace
(in Tux, ca. 27.5 km) → more

Spannagel Cave
(in Tux, ca. 27.5 km) → more

Schwaz silver mine
(in Schwaz, ca. 31.3 km) → more

Stausee reservoir
(in Ginzling, ca. 31.7 km) → more

Barbara Becker in MalisGarten, Wandern im Zillertal

Kisslinger glassblowing workshop
(in Rattenberg, ca. 31.8 km) → more

Tyrolean Farmhouse Museum
(in Kramsach, ca. 36.9 km) → more

Krimml waterfalls
(in Krimml, ca. 39.5 km) → more

(in Achental, ca. 40 km) → more

Swarovski Crystal Worlds
(in Wattens, ca. 47 km) → more

Tyrolean State Museum
(in Innsbruck, ca. 61 km) → more

Barbara Becker in MalisGarten, Wandern im Zillertal