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Herbarium Spa

For as long as Christina Binder-Egger can remember, there have been old apple, cherry, and apricot trees here. The garden of Huber Mali, as everyone in the town called the former owner, had always delighted the people of Zell am Ziller with its blossoming cherry tree. If her little daughter wasn't at the table for lunch on time after elementary school, Christina didn't have to worry. Most of the time, she was just relaxing in the Mali garden and simply let time get away from her.

Not only do these memories live on in MalisGarten, they blossom anew.

Alpine natural medicine

Herbarium Spa distillery

In the Herbarium Spa distillery, hydrolates and essential oils are obtained from our own herbs by steam distillation. Steam rising in the distilleries extracts the valuable ingredients from the fresh or dried herbs. In this way, aromatic water and essential oils are produced. Both qualities have very different purposes and open up many wonderful possibilities to inspire body and mind. During the summer months, our guests can participate in several herb workshops. Together we will create beneficial herbal hydrolates from local herbs. Become acquainted with the world of alpine natural medicine.


Herbarium Spa, Kräuterdestillerie, Kräuterworkshop, Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten

Herbarium Spa


As a trained herbalist, host Christina Binder-Egger knows
about the power of herbs and their natural effects.

An herbalist is an ambassador of nature who is familiar with nature conservation and
biodiversity. They know which beneficial effects the plants have – including those that we
humans encounter everywhere and that are often degraded to weeds due to lack of knowledge.
Each plant hides a wonderful secret.


Herbarium Spa, Kräuterdestillerie, Kräuterworkshop, Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten

Like a

green thread...

...the concept of herbs runs through the MalisGarten Green Spa 5*S Hotel. It is no coincidence that the 6 different room categories are called Melissa, Calendula, Bellis, Angelica, Achillea, and Lavandula. These are the Latin names of Christina Binder-Egger's 6 favorite herbs.

The story of MalisGarten is told around these 6 herbs. 


Kräuter, Kräutergarten im Green Spa Hotel MalisGarten

Inner balance

Natural beauty

The many plant treasures in and around MalisGarten, the herbal world
in harmony with nature, and the biosphere of the places of power in the middle of the Zillertal
bring body and soul back into balance.
Our professionally trained therapists look after
the well-being of our guests and recommend the right treatment for every mood.

Gartenansicht von oben, 5* Superior Hotel MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel

Some call it the Zillertal. In truth, it is the green soul.

Herbs and nature

People often listen to the voice of reason. And only rarely the voice of nature. You can experience how it sounds in the Herbarium SPA. Here, the effect of plants brings mind and body into balance. Based on thousands of years of knowledge, you can create an individual hydrolate, experience the beneficial effects of phytoessences in the herbal sauna, or relax with a beauty treatment using pure plant cosmetics.