Creative mind

Matteo Thun

Those who have the opportunity to work on a project with Matteo Thun should count themselves lucky. The native South Tyrolean is one of the most renowned and sought-after architects in the world. In recent decades, Thun has left his mark across many continents. “We are very happy that thanks to the close friendship with the Binder family, we were able to win him over to MalisGarten", said Christina Binder-Egger. “The collaboration and strategy of such an outstanding architect is a revelation”.


The star architect and the

star among building materials

The star among architects and the star among building materials come together in MalisGarten. “Wood is the only material I know that has aesthetic and technical durability“, explains Matteo Thun. This is only one explanation of why he likes to use wood in his work. Matteo Thun also appreciates the versatility of this material. “Wood can be used for the floor, wall, ceiling, facade, furniture, and much more”.  

In MalisGarten, wood is featured in all its facets and showcases its advantages. If you take the time to go on a journey of discovery in the new 5* hotel, you will quickly find there are no limits to building and working with wood. The spacious lobby offers guests a little taste of what awaits them in the rooms and throughout the hotel.

Wood enhances well-being

Parquet floors made of oak - panel parquet in some parts, herringbone pattern in other parts, or classically laid – run throughout the entire hotel. The hand-oiled paneling made of pure spruce creates a harmonious contrast. For the doors, we rely on wood from a local type of tree that has been used for centuries and can be found in almost every Tyrolean garden: walnut. This tried-and-true wood is now being newly interpreted in MalisGarten in a modern way. Spruce, fir, larch, pine, oak, and walnut – when combined, these different woods create a cozy, harmonious atmosphere that you can feel in deep in your body.

Wood enhances well-being and has a calming effect on the cardiovascular system. In addition, it has a sound and heat-insulating effect and ideally regulates the indoor climate. The perfectly coordinated colors, the elegant fabrics, and the clever design in the rooms and suites at MalisGarten create spots of lasting comfort and coziness.

Facts and figures

MalisGarten - source of power

We rely on the strength and aesthetics of local wood 

  • MalisGarten stores 1000 tons of CO2 through resource-saving, solid wood construction 
  • MalisGarten's source of power covers 7,850 m² 
  • Spruce and larch ensure an energy-building vacation
  • Pine, walnut, and oak for perfect interior architecture 
  • MalisGarten stores 3.2 gigawatt hours of solar energy 

When artisans work together

In MalisGarten, great importance was placed on genuine craftsmanship in every area and in every detail. The tiles in the bathrooms of each room come from a small factory in Salerno. Each individual tile is handmade and is an original. Of course, utmost importance is placed on wood at MalisGarten. Matteo Thun loves working with this material. His friendship with the Binder family has been made even stronger with this collaboration. “Thanks to binderholz and your know-how, we have achieved the creation of MalisGarten with materials from the 21st century”, says the star architect once again referring to the durability of this material. “Wood sets a standard. Wood lives. And wood develops a wonderful patina”.

In the beginning, Christina Binder-Egger and Reinhard Binder had a great vision: a hotel made entirely of wood. The two wanted none other than Matteo Thun for their innovative project. The Italian star architect and designer developed the architectural concept for MalisGarten. The experts at Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH then implemented the ideas in terms of structural engineering. For the interior design and implementation, they looked to interior designer Harald Margreiter from the Wetscher furniture store in Fügen-Tyrol..