Immerse yourself

Relax to the fullest

Such places exist – places where you can just be and let go of all the “musts” and “shoulds”. The Herbarium SPA is an example of such a place. Here, the effect of plants brings mind and body back into balance. Based on the herbal knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, our guests can create their own individual hydrolate, soak up invigorating mint with every pore in the steam bath, or experience the full variety of Phytoessences in the herbal sauna. If you have really worked up a sweat during a sauna visit, you can cool off in the ice fountain or swim a few leisurely laps in the 23-meter-long pool. And because the nourishing power of plants can achieve their full effect after a sauna visit, you can let yourself be pampered from head to toe with massages or facials in 4 different treatment rooms.

In harmony with nature

The power of herbs

In MalisGarten, the original power of herbs revitalizes both inside and out. The effect of the plants ensures well-being down to the smallest cell. High-quality phyto-essences unfold their miraculous effects in the Herbarium Spa in the form of natural hydrolates and essential oils. We design your spa treatment individually according to your wishes. 
Choose your preferred effect and feel how the power of herbs revitalizes you equally from the inside and outside. 

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Natural beauty

Inner balance

The many plant treasures in and around MalisGarten, the herbal world in harmony with nature, and the biosphere of the places of power in the middle of the Zillertal bring body and soul back into inner balance.
Our professionally trained therapists take care of the well-being of our guests and recommend the right treatment for every mood.

The full power of herbs

Well-being in full bloom

There is nothing that herbs can’t do. In the case of MalisGarten, there are more than 40 different herbs that sprout next to 10 different fruit trees and bushes and enrich our hotel with their super powers. Harmonizing lavender, invigorating yarrow, strengthening angelica, brightening daisies, warming marigold, or calming lemon balm are the main herbs that leave behind their unmistakable mark in the room furnishings, the Herbarium SPA, the cuisine, and in the workshops.   

Alpine natural medicine

Herbarium spa distillery

In the Herbarium Spa distillery, hydrolates and essential oils are obtained from our own herbs by steam distillation. Steam rising in the distilleries extracts the valuable ingredients from the fresh or dried herbs. In this way, aromatic water and essential oils are produced separately. Both qualities have very different purposes and open up many wonderful possibilities to inspire body and mind.

During the summer months, our guests can participate in several herb workshops. Together we create beneficial herbal hydrolates from local herbs. Enter the wonderful world of alpine natural medicine. 

Activation & Relaxation

Give the body space

Wellness usually includes fitness. We are mindful of that in MalisGarten. But we take mindfulness seriously and only want to provide the body with the movement that is good for it at the time. After all, the beautiful time-out is all about selectively moving away from performance and towards activity.

To achieve this, we have come up with a few special features and, of course, we also rely on wood here. 


True places of power

Fitness in your suite

Do you remember the wall bars in gym class? Just think how much can be done with them! How many different muscles can be activated in traditional ways! Of course, if you want, you can simply hang around in a relaxing manner. MalisGarten provides you with true places of power that you can breathe in and marvel at. The hotel, made of local wood, is the basic source for your deep relaxation and continuing sense of calm and serenity. 

At MalisGarten, well-being is a matter of course! 



Vital & healthy

For body, mind and soul

Our guests enjoy a weekly vitality and hiking program. Subject to change without notice! Please note our weekly program and the registration deadlines available at the reception.


Herbarium Spa


  • herbal sauna 
  • 23-m infinity pool with air bubble massage beds
  • saltwater steam bath
  • finnish garden sauna 
  • plunge pool
  • two foot basins
  • ice fountain
  • wellness shower
  • 4 treatment rooms

Where the wild things grow

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