Regeneration & vitality

Achieve well-being

The power of nature – how often have you heard this phrase? Actually, there is much power in our herbs if you only know what they can be used for and how to best extract the active ingredients from them! Withour natural hydrolates, gently obtained by steam distillation, we preserve the power of essential oils. This is how we gently strengthen your well-being with high-quality essences, and you can develop pure hydrolates by yourself!

Old knowledge

The power of herbs

Our experts know exactly which herbs are helpful for which occasions. We will show you step by step how to extract essential oils. We will also boil herbal soaps with you, and you can thus become even better acquainted with the wealth of nature. In addition, we offer comprehensive personal advice, for example on the use of Bach flowers and much more. We provide a balanced offer that will continue to inspire you.

Activation & relaxation

Give the body space

Wellness usually includes fitness, and this is something we pay attention to at MalisGarten. Of course, we take this seriously and want to provide the body only with movement  that is good for it. During your wonderful time-out on your well-deserved vacation, it's not about performance but about activity. 

For this purpose, we have come up with some special features, and wood of course plays an important role. 

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Vital program

For mind, body, and soul

Our guests can enjoy the following weekly vital and hiking program. Subject to changes! Please ask for registration deadlines and the weekly program at the reception.


ImpressionsHerbarium SPA

Do you remember the wall bars in gym class? Just think how much can be done with them! How many different muscles can be activated in traditional ways! Of course, if you want, you can simply hang around in a relaxing manner. MalisGarten provides you with true places of power that you can breathe in and marvel at. The hotel, made of local wood, is the basic source for your deep relaxation and continuing sense of calm and serenity.  

At MalisGarten, well-being is a matter of course! 

Herbarium SPA


  • an herbal sauna
  • a saltwater steam bath
  • two Finnish saunas 
  • a plunge pool
  • two foot basin
  • an ice fountain
  • six treatment rooms