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Individual wellness treatments only for you

Private spa in your suite

Enjoy a magnificent private spa treatment in the cozy atmosphere of your own suite. Here you will find individual treatment offers at a glance: 

Detoxification & purification

Detox foot bath

Detoxify your body with the help of an ion detox foot bath. An electrophysical procedure in which water is highly ionized stimulates lymph flow and circulation so that toxins can be easily removed and acidification of the body reduced. A splendid experience that provides deep relaxation! 

Including a wonderful herbal detox tea.

40 min. treatment time, € 69

Feel-good facial

Short time-out

Enjoy a feel-good facial in your room. This includes a basic cleansing, a clarifying peel, a relaxing face massage, a moisturizing mask, and the application of care products. 

50 min. treatment time, € 78

Pampering for the hands

Manicure and nail polish


Pampering for the hands. A hand bath nourishes the skin. The nails will be trimmed and shaped, and the cuticles will be treated. With the relaxing application of hand cream, you can enjoy a pleasant experience. 

40 min., € 65 (without hand peel)

Application of nail polish 

Selection of your favorite color  

Duration 10 min., € 12

Relaxing & cleansing

Ear candling treatment

A special cleansing and relaxing treatment especially for the care of the sinuses.  

Duration 25 min., € 45

Your personal bath butler and our MalisGarten insider tip: WINTER BATH

We will prepare your bath with the perfect temperature and enrich the water with the bath additive of your choice:

You can choose from:

  • Salt bath: excellent for dry, irritated skin  
  • Lavender: calming and anxiety-reducing 
  • Orange: stress-alleviating and relaxing 

Afterwards, soft, cozy, warmed towels are available. 


  • 1 glass of ZillerSeasons sparkling wine and 3 chocolates from the Eden patisserie
  • 1 after-bath application of body lotion
  • 1 bath thermometer to take home with you

Duration: as long as you would like, € 45

MalisGarten insider tip

Winter bath

Our MalisGarten insider tip: WINTER BATH

With Eden punch and homemade cookies to complement your warm bath with a Christmassy fragrance. 

Duration: as long as you would like, € 45