Practice philosophy

Feel inspiration

The idea of a holistic vacation has been with us for a long time. The traditional source of power in the middle of the Zillertal is perfect for this. It is also located in the center of Zell in the Zillertal. We have been waiting for the opportunity to design this place of power in a contemporary way and with attention to clever details, because this constitutes the basis of a holistic vacation. In order for our vision to become a reality, careful planning is required - our hotel for adults aged 16 and older will open in spring 2020 thanks to this consistent development. We are so excited to share this unique experience with you!  

If you want to be able to understand nature, you have to be able to touch it, look at it, and question it. We are convinced that at MalisGarten, sensory experiences and understanding complement each other in a unique way. The atmospheric architecture combines the hotel and garden so wisely that it creates one entity. In fact, the garden can be seen from the street. The hotel, which is made of solid wood and supplied with sustainable energy by pellet heating, consists of walls planted with greenery... a vertical garden if you will. From the outside, we thus clearly distinguish ourselves from the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

As soon as you enter here, you are immediately in the midst of invigorating silence and yet also right in the middle of Zell am Ziller. 

With attentive details such as the picturesque pergola, we have created a smooth transition from the garden to the hotel. Incidentally, in Austria people like to say "Salettl" instead of pergola. Salettl, a word derived from "Saletta", means "little room" and sounds more charming than simply a porch or pergola. This open pavilion with lovely wood decor is the perfect place to daydream. Or you can sit together with family or friends, have fun, and simply take time for one another. Or perhaps we have piqued your interest about the differences between the German and Austrian language? We are already planning readings and presentations to take place at our inspiring "Salettl". 


Your green refuge

MalisGarten acts as an actual refuge thanks to its variety of fruit trees, plants, and grasses. We also use the herbs not only as a tranquil setting to help your soul relax but also as nourishing strength for the body - whether it's with the wild herb cuisine that pampers the taste buds of our guests with special taste sensations or our highly concentrated herbal distillates and herbal treatments that soothe and strengthen. 

Renewal for mind and body

Pure regeneration

Complete vacation happiness occurs when a well thought out design optimally complements the natural features: our 22 m long pool with indoor and outdoor pool invites you to dive into the refreshing water or gently drift away in a cozy atmosphere. The view of the idyllic garden also encourages you to unwind and daydream. In the classic fitness room and in our special exercise room, there are numerous opportunities to work up a healthy sweat andchallenge your body.

Natural raw materials

The power of wood

Regeneration is based on natural raw materials: wood warms and strengthens. Wood effectively protects against electric smog and binds carbon dioxide. The local spruce wood enjoys a well-deserved reputation. It provides for a deep, cleansing sleep. Those plagued by stress especially appreciate this, and harmonizing, circulation-stimulating spruce combats nervousness. In addition, spruce noticeably enhances the body's immune system. Breathing becomes smoother and slower. After only a short time at MalisGarten, your vitality will be awakened!