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Joie de vivre - our regular guests

We'll tell you something: joie de vivre is our regular guests! We create a charming atmosphere with stimulating chamber concerts, graceful piano music, touching readings, and other artistic refinements. MalisGarten is not just nature but culture that can be experienced with charismatic performers and inspiring artists. They delight guests and encourage them to once again find their true selves. That is why the balanced interaction of tradition and modernity is so important: deep trust comes from experience and the courage to build something new. 

Nature in architecture

Genius Loci

At MalisGarten, we completely rely on the natural raw material of wood. We value and use herbs even more comprehensively and goal-oriented than before. We have revitalized the traditional source of power in the town center of Zell am Ziller. Based on high-quality architecture and a clever closeness to nature, we have created a paradisiacal ambiance.     

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