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Our tart menu

Life is sweet when you know how to enjoy it.

Welcome to Eden: in our in-house patisserie, you will find fruity as well as chocolatey creations that will melt in your mouth. In addition to our exquisite tarts, our gourmet assortment includes perfect macarons and handmade chocolate. The MalisGarten Torte, our signature cake, seduces your sense of taste with raspberries, chocolate, and lemon. Hotel guests as well as external visitors can enjoy all sweet treats on site or take them home with them. Because life is too short not to eat cake!

The Eden Patisserie tartlet showcase is filled daily from 12 noon.
The varieties on offer are made fresh daily and vary seasonally.

Our summer highlight

MalisGarten Rose

Pistachio | Cherry | Almond

"Flowers are the beautiful words and hieroglyphics of nature, with which she tells us how much she loves us!"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ø 18 | 8 pieces | 55

Cake order
Lead time 24 h

Our assortment


We offer various tartlets, whether fruity, chocolaty or classics of French patisserie.

The range changes daily and we will be happy to put together the perfect tartlets for you. Or you can visit our patisserie on site.

6 per tartlet

Wedding cakes and tarts

for every occasion

We offer the perfect cake for every occasion.Whether it's a child's birthday, a wedding or a special gift. We will be happy to advise you and put together something individual.

Tartlets Catering

For every occasion

We offer the perfect tartlet catering for every occasion. A highlight at every celebration. Whether it's a company party or a very private setting.

Our tartlets are made with love to indulge your senses and add a touch of sweetness to your event.

We are happy to put together a mixed selection of high-quality tartlets on request.



Different varieties in the gift box

12 per box of 6
2 per piece

Eden Patisserie, hausgemachte Maccarons, Geschenk

Signature cake

MalisGarten Tart


Raspberry | chocolate | lemon

35 for a cake with Ø 16

Signature cake

Eden Tart


Dark chocolate | tonka beans
Creme brûlée | salt-caramel

35 for a cake with Ø 16

Eden Patisserie, Torte